Dryland Critical Zone Data Survey January 2023

Dear Participant,

This is a short questionnaire about your project designed to fascillitate data management efforts.  In preparation to complete this survey, please note the following:

You will be asked to provide, or update, your contact information, project title, abstract, list of expected data sets, and metadata. Additionally, there is a question about whether or not you've uploaded working/provisional datasets on the Microsoft Teams/SharePoint DATA channel, and to provide the link(s) to those locations. There is a place you can upload files embedded in this survey. Also, you will be asked for your GIS layers: points, lines, polygons, and rasters for your research samples, sites, transects etc. 

Here are some basic metadata elements to include with your datasets and GIS layers:

Minimum Metadata for Datasets:
  • date generated
  • methods used
  • equipment used
  • spreadsheet column descriptions
  • units

Minimum Metadata for GIS Layers:
  • GPS unit used
  • coordinate system
  • date generated
  • site/sample/transect name
  • any processing you have done to the layer/data
  • link(s) to input data layer(s) original source

Thank-You!  I will schedule a brief follow-up meeting (less than 15 min) with each researcher to make sure I understand your datasets, where you are in your project's timeline, and how I can help with your data management needs/wants.


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