UTEP Music Advising Questionnaire
Welcome to the UTEP Music Advising Questionnaire (MAQ). Taking a few minutes to answer questions about your plans to study music at UTEP will make it possible for the Undergraduate Music Advisor to provide you with everything you need to register for the classes necessary to finish a Bachelor of Music degree or a music minor in as little time as possible.  If you are unfamiliar with UTEP's Bachelor of Music degree, please visit the UTEP Undergraduate Catalog before submitting this questionnaire.   After you submit the questionnaire, there is no need to submit it again until you need advising for the following semester.  It may take up to two weeks, sometimes longer, to complete your advising, which will come to you in an email to the address(es) you will be providing. After you click "Done," you will see a message letting you know that the questionnaire is complete and you will receive a confirmation email. Thank you very much!
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