EPDI Strengthsfinder Form

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To complete this bonus activity, students need to complete the Strengths Finder Assessment by Monday, October 10th and attend the Strength Finder workshop tentative date Friday, October 12pm (stay tuned).

Answer the form below in order to receive your strengths finder code to complete the assessment. Within 5 business days of completing this form you will receive your personalized code via email. 

Once you complete the assessment, input your top 5 strengths below.
*if you have already participated in StrengthsFinder  for an org outside of EPDI, then just provide your strengths. 
First Name
Last Name
Have you done Strengths Finder before ? 
Would you like to complete the assessment and are able to attend the strengths finder session on  date Friday, October 21st at 12pm- 1 :30pm ? 
Answer the question below after you completed the assessment. Complete below if you have already completed the assessment.
After completing the assessment Provide your Top 5 Strengths: 
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