SWS Multicultural Mentoring Program (SWaMMP)
Undergraduate Student Travel Award Application 2023
The SWS Multicultural Mentoring Program (SWaMMP) was created to increase diversity in the Society and the field of wetland science. Students with an interest in wetland sciences, ecology, coastal marine sciences, environmental sciences and related fields are encouraged to apply. The Annual Meetings offer students valuable career mentoring and exposure to career options in the wetland sciences. In addition to attending paper presentations and general meeting events, the students will participate in special activities organized for their benefit throughout the week. The SWS awards are supported by the National Science Foundation, SWS Chapters and the SWS Human Diversity Committee. 
Before you click start (below), you should be prepared to answer basic demographic questions, provide your contact information, provide contact information for a faculty member who will write you a letter of reference, as well as your GPA. Before you begin, we suggest you draft answers to the following questions, which can be cut and paste into the application. Please note the character limits for items 1 & 8 are 2000 characters, while all other questions have a character limit of 500 (including spaces).
  1. Please provide a statement of your long-term research interests and career goals. A wide range of interest areas are appropriate. Because SWS is a multidisciplinary group, research, policy or consulting are equally valuable career paths.
  2. How do you see the field of wetland sciences being a part of your immediate or long-term career plans?
  3. Explain how your participation will meet the SWS mission of increasing diversity in wetland sciences and describe your personal involvement with underrepresented communities.
  4. Please list any professional/scientific meetings you have attended.
  5. Please list any honors or awards you have received.
  6. Please list any publications you might have.
  7. Please list any paid or volunteer experiences, related to your interest in ecology, wetlands or related sciences.
  8. For those who wish to present a poster of some aspect of their undergraduate research at the meeting, please provide an abstract (with title & authors). Presenting a poster is encouraged but not required. If accepted to the program, you will be able to update your abstract before the final conference submission.
The application deadline is November 18, 2022. Inquiries should be directed to:
   Dr. Vanessa L. Lougheed
   University of Texas at El Paso
   Department of Biological Sciences

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