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IACUC - Report A Concern

What type of issue are you reporting?
Please describe the nature of your concern about the care and use of animals.  Include as many specific, verifiable details about the situation as possible in your description.  Factual details about location, date and time of the occurrence, descriptions of the animal(s) and the personnel involved will be particularly helpful.
General Information:
Principal Investigator (PI); if known
Protocol Number; if known
Species Involved:
Number of Animals Involved:
Animal ID Number(s); if known
Location of occurance (facility, building, room #)
What is the date of the occurrence?
Were any animals harmed?
Is this an on going issue?
Have you reported this issue to anyone within the organization?
What is your involvement in this issue
Person Reporting Concern (Optional- Do not include information if you wish to remain anonymous)
First & Last Name
Email Address
Per the USDA Animal Welfare Regulations (AWRs) and the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy IV.A.3., the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is required to review and investigate any concerns involving the care and use of animals resulting from reports by research and facility personnel or by public complaints. As such, the IACUC encourages the prompt (within 24 hours) reporting of concerns or incidents related to animal welfare. Allegations should be as detailed and specific as possible to allow for a thorough investigation. All concerns are reviewed regardless of how they are received. If you have questions or concerns about animal care and use at UTEP, please contact us at 
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